Silo Systems

E-Z Mix offers fully contained silo systems to maximize a contractor's productivity. By having a silo on the jobsite, the contractor will see increases in their efficiency and profitability.

We have two different types of silo systems. Our 5-yard silos are filled by bulk bags of dry, cement-based products. Our pneumatic silos are filled by pumping product directly into the silo through our own raw material hauling trucks. Both options are safe, affordable, and environmentally sound.

On top of the savings that the contractor will realize on labor and potential workman's compensation claims, our silos will also greatly reduce sand and cement waste and there is no longer a need to open bag after bag of dry material. Our silo systems are simple to use, and we have dedicated staff that can be on-site when the silo is delivered to provide training to new users. After just one experience using our silos on a jobsite, contractors often immediately realize the benefits of the silo systems and request them for all their future jobs.

Our silo systems can be used with masonry mortar, grout, concrete, shotcrete or stucco. All the raw materials are factory preblended to ensure the consistency and integrity of the product going into the silo. The need to use a shovel, move pallets and bags, lift and break bags is eliminated. At the end of the day, it provides for a more organized and orderly job-site with less clean-up.

Should you have any questions regarding our silo systems or if you desire a job-specific quote, please refer to our contacts page and call either one of our convenient Southern California locations.

Silo Systems