Water Stop Print

Water Stop is a blended, fast setting hydraulic cement designed for plugging cracks, or holes in concrete or masonry where seeping water is a problem. The product may be used to make repairs under water. Due to its fast set, high strength and waterproof properties, it is used in a variety of applications.

pdf Water Stop Data Sheet 236 Kb

Exterior Plaster Print

Exterior Plaster is a dry, factory blended plaster mix specifically designed for the plastering contractor. The control of mix ratio and quality of sand make this a superior product to jobsite mixes. Exterior Plaster has excellent pumping and troweling properties for the contractor, while providing the building owner with a durable plaster.

The product is a blend of cement, lime and sand. Available with fibers, pump aids or other special order mix designs. Exterior Plaster is available in several packaging options that save time on handling.

pdf Exterior Plaster Data Sheet 236 Kb pdf Exterior Plaster MSDS 68 Kb

Acrylic Fortifier Print

Acrylic Fortifier is a high solids, acrylic latex polymer formulated for use with Portland cement mortars. Acrylic Fortifier is Non-remulsifiable and modified to provide superior bonding properties. Modified mortars have better flexural strength, durability, adhesion, less water absorption, color retention, and curing properties. Acrylic Fortifier is water based for easy clean-up and use.

pdf Acrylic Fortifier Data Sheet 10.90 Kb

Dry Pack Print

Dry Pack is a dry, factory blended mortar specifically designed for use by tile and masonry contractors. The product is a thoroughly blended mix of washed plaster sand and Type II cement. Pre-blending allows the cement to thoroughly coat the sand particles thus producing a stronger than jobsite mixing. The mortar is mixed extremely dry and then screed into place as a leveling mortar bed. The mortar bed is compatible with cement based and most water based latex adhesives. Standard mix designs are 4:1 and 3:1. Special mix designs available.

pdf Dry Pack Data Sheet 236 Kb pdf Dry Pack MSDS 68 Kb

Glass Block Mortar Print

Glass Block Mortar is a dry, factory blended mortar specifically designed for the installation of glass block. The product is a thoroughly blended mix of white cement, lime, water repellant agents and silica sand. Standard color is bright white.

pdf Glass Block Mortar Data Sheet pdf Glass Block MSDS 68 Kb

Medium Bed Setting Mortar Print

Medium Bed Setting Mortar is a dry-set mortar for installing higher lugged tiles, pavers, stone, marble, and requiring a setting bed of 3/8" to 3/4". It may be used for interior or exterior applications. MB Setting Mortar may be mixed with only water or for superior performance mix with Acrylic Fortifier. Medium Bed Setting Mortar is available in grey or white.

pdf Medium Bed Setting Data Sheet 236 Kb

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