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Spec Concrete 5000 Print
5000.jpg 60lb Bag

Spec Concrete is a dry, factory blended concrete specifically designed for the professional contractor. The proportioning of raw materials and the thorough blending of the product make it superior to conventional sacked concrete products.

pdf Spec Concrete Data Sheet 224 Kb pdf Spec Concrete MSDS 68 Kb

Standard mixes available are in:

-2000: (>2000 p.s.i.)*6.0 sack-3/8" aggregate

-3000:(70-30) (>3000 p.s.i.)*6.5 sack-3/8" aggregate (70% sand 30% aggregate)

-3500: (>3500 p.s.i.)*6.5sack-3/8" aggregate

-5000: (>5000 p.s.i.)*8.0sack-3/8" aggregate

Special orders available upon request.

-5500: (>5500 p.s.i.)*8.0 sack-3/8" aggregate
With Water Reducer

Uses: Spec Concrete may be used anywhere a quality concrete mix is required. Spec Concrete 70/30 is especially suited for grouting masonry cells.


  • High Quality
  • Convenience of handling one product
  • Excellent for multi story and difficult access jobs
  • Systems that save time and money on labor
  • Meets building codes