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Fine Grout w/GA-2500 is a pre-blended grout for filling masonry cavities, door frames, and concrete patching and grouting. It is a blend of washed plaster sand, Type II cement 2 1/2:1 and PMP Grout Additive. PMP Fine Grout is formulated to achieve a minimum of 2500 p.s.i. compressive strength when placed at an 8-10 inch slump. The Grout Additive gives the mortar fluid properties at a reduced water cement ratio. It also improves the bond and shrinkage compensation.

pdf Fine Grout Data Sheet 11.01 Kb pdf Fine Grout MSDS 11.01 Kb


Grout for:

  • Concrete Block
  • Structural Brick
  • Cavity walls
  • Around window and door frames
  • Concrete patching


  • Fluid at low w/c ratio
  • Pre-blended-high quality control
  • Versatile - Many different applications
  • Minimum to no shrinkage
  • Superior bonding properties
  • Cohesive at high fluidity