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Fine Grout Print

Fine Grout w/GA-2500 is a pre-blended grout for filling masonry cavities, door frames, and concrete patching and grouting. It is a blend of washed plaster sand, Type II cement 2 1/2:1 and PMP Grout Additive. PMP Fine Grout is formulated to achieve a minimum of 2500 p.s.i. compressive strength when placed at an 8-10 inch slump. The Grout Additive gives the mortar fluid properties at a reduced water cement ratio. It also improves the bond and shrinkage compensation.

pdf Fine Grout Data Sheet 11.01 Kb pdf Fine Grout MSDS 11.01 Kb

Grout Additive Print

Grout Additive is a powder admixture for concrete used in grouting of concrete block and clay brick. Grout Additive will provide slight expansion, retarding, and water reducing properties to the grout. The product improves the performance and the placability of the grout. Concrete with Grout Additive will have a water reduction of 10-15%, 8-10% higher compressive strengths and over two times the shear bond strength. It contains no chlorides or other chemicals which contribute to corrosion of reinforcing steel. Special mix designs available to meet individual job requirements.

pdf Grout Additive Data Sheet pdf Grout Additive MSDS 11.01 Kb

Water Stop Print

Water Stop is a blended, fast setting hydraulic cement designed for plugging cracks, or holes in concrete or masonry where seeping water is a problem. The product may be used to make repairs under water. Due to its fast set, high strength and waterproof properties, it is used in a variety of applications.

pdf Water Stop Data Sheet 236 Kb

Masonry Coating Print

Masonry Coating is a two component cement-based waterproof coating designed to seal masonry and concrete surfaces. It may be used above or below grade. Because its ingredients are similar to those in concrete, it cures to become part of the substrate. Acrylic Fortifier improves the bonding, waterproofing and curing properties. Masonry Coating is available in natural gray and special order colors.

pdf Masonry Coating Data Sheet 236 Kb

Temp. Asphalt Patch Print

Alpha 800(SC) is a temporary cold process asphalt patching material. It is designed to provide an economical yet effective temporary patch for holes in asphalt roads. Alpha 800 (SC) is not designed for areas which are exposed to foot traffic, due to its prolonged tacky properties. Use Alphaperm for areas exposed to foot traffic, wet areas and where a permanent patch is desired. Alpha Asphalt Glue is a water based asphalt emulsion designed to promote adhesion between old and new concrete. It must be applied to existing surfaces prior to installing Alpha 800 (SC).

pdf Temporary Asphalt Patch Data Sheet 236 Kb